Diwata: A sisterhood gathering



The Divine Feminine emerges within us as this energy becomes amplified when women consciously come together. Somewhere in the middle of a sacred circle, something beyond us is created and birthed in the same energy. Words are not enough to describe its immense power, but language is here to plant in a subtle and sublime manner this wordless truth. It is us but also not us.

When they say that God is an all-seeing eye, I put my trust into the eyes of others, their journeys, their life experiences. The Eye/I is co-created as we evolve together in synchronicity and compassion.

To all the women who were with me this weekend, like the waxing and waning of the moon, I once again praise with the highest vibrations of love both your light and shadow. May we feel energetically connected even more — to ourselves and to one another, to our ancestors and spirit guides, to our Mother Gaia, and to the ultimate Source of all that is.

(Below is a photo of 20 women basking under the full moon in silent prayer, in a humble and quiet cove in Zambales. Thank you for capturing bare honesty in these photos Hannah and Ate Ann, for opening your home to us Cherry and for inviting me to hold space for a ritual Mara, as I also thank all the other moments that held this moment together as One. Presence was enough.)